Guide to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)

Welcome to the most comprehensive guide to world-famous Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), the world’s busiest airport!

Before diving deep into this highly detailed ATL airport guide, first, probably you would check for the status of Departures, Arrivals or Delays. So here you go.

Departures & Arrivals of Atlanta International Airport

For your convenience, use the buttons below for the realtime status of ATL Departures, Arrivals and Delays for the flights of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Terminals & Concourses

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (IATA Code: ATL – ICAO Code: KATL) has 2 terminals, Domestic and International, and 7 concourses (T, A, B, C, D, E & F).

West end of the airport is Domestic Terminal and the east end is Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal. All concourses are located parallel between the terminals.

Unlike most of other airports, here at ATL they call concourses instead of terminals. All concourses are on the same level, so Departures and Arrivals are not separated at this airport.

The newly built Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal which is adjacent to Concourse F, has 3 levels. Arrivals are on the lower level and the Departures are on the ground level. There is also a mezzanine level which offers Airport lounges.

At this point, you may somewhat confuse but that’s normal. Keep reading to see why.

What term “terminal” refers at Atlanta International Airport is only regarding check-in and baggage claim.

What does that mean?

Flights do not have any connection with either terminal, instead gates are located on the concourses.

Normally, it is known that ATL Domestic Terminal is comprised of 5 concourses which are T, A, B, C and D whereas ATL International Terminal is comprised of only E and F concourses.

However, that does not mean always domestic flights depart from or arrive to the gates on T, A, B, C and D concourses or international flights depart from or arrive to the gates on E and F concourses.

Frequently, exceptions happen and it is not surprising to see an international flight departs from a gate which served a domestic flight right before.

All the concourses are connected via Plane Train, an underground train running between all concourses. That means any passenger can access to any concourse.

Due to all these reasons, you should only consider your flight’s gate without considering the “terminal” to locate the correct gate.

You can take free shuttle service or Plane Train in order to get from International Terminal to Domestic Terminal or vice versa. However, international passengers have to check in at International Terminal and domestic passengers at Domestic Terminal.

As the terminals are located on the opposite side of the airport, the entrance of the terminals are completely separate than each other. So keep in mind this while you get your directions to the airport.

Airlines that Fly to ATL (Updated List)

Currently 18 Airlines, 9 Domestic and 9 International, operate at Atlanta International Airport.

Here is the updated list as of August 2017 in alphabetical order:

Domestic Airlines

  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Boutique Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines
  • United Airlines

International Airlines

  • Air Canada
  • Air France
  • British Airways
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  • Korean Air
  • Lufthansa German Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic

Check in

Domestic Flights

Domestic Terminal of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport consists of 2 sections as north and south.

North Domestic Terminal has the operation of ticketing & check in for American Airlines, Boutique Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines and United Airlines.

At the South Domestic Terminal, only Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines operate ticketing and check in services.

International Flights

Ticketing & check in facilities of all international airlines operate at ATL are located at a single area in the International Terminal of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Baggage Claim

Domestic Terminal

There are 17 baggage claim carousels in total just across the terminal building entrances.

8 of these baggage claim carousels are located at the North Domestic Terminal whereas the rest 9 carousels are located at South Domestic Terminal

Ground Transportation

Airport Trains

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has 2 train options, Plane Train and SkyTrain, for transporting passengers within the airport and to the Rental Car Center fast and easily.

The Plane Train – Transportation Within the Airport


The Plane Train is an automated people mover underground train operated between the terminals and the concourses.

It is free to ride the Plane Train.

Inside the Plane Train, station information and dining and shopping options are presented in 8 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and Korean)

If you want to know how long does it take to get from Domestic Terminal to International Terminal via Plane Train, you can consider it around 1 minute between each stations (concourses). So totally it takes approximately 7-8 minutes.

Here is a short footage taken inside the Plane Train.


Elevated SkyTrain is an automated and electric-powered people mover train that connects the Airport terminals not only to Rental Car Center but also Georgia International Convention Center (GICC) and gateway center hotels.

It is free to ride the SkyTrain.

There are 6 SkyTrains each consist of 2 cars and each car of the Skytrain has a capacity of 52 people.

It takes 2.5 minutes from Airport to the first stop which is GICC and gateway hotels. The second and the final stop of the SkyTrain is Rental Car Center and it takes only 5 minutes to get there from Airport.

The gateway hotels which is accessible by SkyTrain are;

  • Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway
  • SpringHill Suites Atlanta Airport Gateway
  • Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel

Here is video of a complete SkyTrain trip.

Rental Car Center of Atlanta International Airport

Rental Car Center hosts 13 car rental agencies and it is easily accessible from ATL via SkyTrain only within 5 minutes.

It is also possible to reach to the Rental Car Center conveniently by taking a free International Terminal Shuttle which runs at every 15 minutes between Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal and Rental Car Center.

Rental Car Center of Atlanta International Airport provides service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Read more for the directions to the Rental Car Center and the list of car rental agencies.

Rideshare (Uber & Lyft) Pick-up

Do you plan to hire an Uber or Lyft car to ride from Atlanta International Airport to your hotel or home?

No worries, passengers can get an Uber or Lyft ride from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Once passengers were picked up at the outer curbside. However, due to the continued progress of improvement program of the airport, the heavy construction of 2 massive and illuminated canopies which will cover the entrance of the Domestic Terminal, will cause roadway closures frequently until the project is completed.

In order to prevent delay for the rides, Airport management has relocated the Uber/Lyft pick-ups at Domestic Terminal.

After this temporary relocation, made on August 17th 2017, now there is a new designated zone on the Domestic side at the South and North economy parking lots for Uber & Lyft Rideshare pick-ups. So that you will be able to meet your driver conveniently.

You can follow this directions to the Rideshare Pick-up Zone of the Domestic Terminals.

Uber/Lyft drop-off locations did not change at the North and South roadways.

At the International Terminal, there is not any change for now, passengers still need to be picked up at the curbside.

Shared-Ride Shuttles

Shared-ride van shuttles are one of the cost effective way of transportation preserving the convenience to/from the airport with the baggages.

Although the demand on the shared-ride shuttles slightly diminished with the rise of Uber and Lyft, it is still one of the preferred method for airport transportation.

There are 10 shared-ride van shuttle services operated at the Atlanta International Airport. Those companies run to/from Atlanta’s largest 3 commercial districts which are Downtown, Midtown and Buckhead at every 15 minutes.

Hotel Shuttles

Several hotels near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport provide free shuttle to their guests to/from the airport.

Those free hotel shuttles are available on the Purple aisle in the Ground Transportation area at the west curb which is outside between the North and South Domestic Terminals.

Even better, there is a free phone for the passengers inside the Airport near baggage claim or outside in the Ground Transportation area to contact their hotels for the arrival or departure times of the shuttle service.

Here is the contact list of hotels providing free shuttle to/from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Public Transportation

If your final destination after leaving the airport is at a distant location in Atlanta or even another city then you would like to consider the public transportation options at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

MARTA Trains


The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) is the name of the main public transportation network in Atlanta.

MARTA operates a network of bus routes as well as a metro network consists of 4 lines (Red, Gold, Blue & Green) with a mixture of elevated, ground-level and underground tracks.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport train station is the southern end of the Red and Gold lines. MARTA trains transport passengers all across Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

We prepared a detailed post that you can learn more about MARTA, map of metro lines and the fares.


MARTA has 91 bus routes covering over 1,000 route-miles within the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

The only MARTA bus route that has a station at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is Route 191 Riverdale / ATL International Terminal.

You can use following MARTA bus routes to connect at College Park station

82 – Camp Creek Parkway/Welcome All Road
89 – Old National Hwy./Union City
172 – Sylvan Road/Virginia Ave.
180 – Fairburn / Palmetto
181 – Buffington Rd./South Fulton P/R
189 – Flat Shoals Road/ Scofield Road
191 – Riverdale / ATL International Terminal
195 – Forest Parkway
196 – Upper Riverdale / Southlake

As you may have noticed, the bus Route 191 only has station at the International Terminal.