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ATL Airport Parking

Hartsfield Jackson Airport Parking - ATL Airport Parking

Parking can be a task in itself at the Atlanta Airport as it is the World’s Busiest Airport. To make your parking a hassle-free experience, you can go through all the parking details mentioned below, to have a pleasant experience at the ATL airport.

Atlanta Airport has a variety of options for parking facilities. The parking space can be filled with thousands of vehicles at the same time.

Atlanta Airport Parking Shuttle

The on-site Atlanta International Airport parking is available 24/7 for both domestic and international terminals. The terminals can be reached by foot or you can avail the shuttle services. You just have to wait near your car for a few minutes for the shuttle to arrive.

Atlanta Airport Parking Payment

The Atlanta Airport parking has ticket dispensers at the entry points where you can opt for Hourly, Daily or Economic tickets.

All the credit cards and cash payments are accepted for the parking. The pay-on-foot machines are available at the parking area and terminals and the exit plazas are equipped with automated machines for the payment.

Atlanta Airport Parking Rates

Check out the parking rates for per day at the Atlanta Airport Domestic Parking.

Atlanta Airport Cheap Parking Rates

Beginning July 1, 2021, the parking rates below will be effective for passengers.

Parking Domestic and International Rates Per Day
Hourly $36
Daily $19
Economy $14
ATL West Deck $16
ATL Select Uncovered:$10,
Park Ride Lot C $10
International Hourly $36
International Park Ride $14

*The vehicles currently in the lot will pay the rate at the time of entry.

  • Hourly - $36
  • Daily - $19
  • Economy - $14
  • ATL West Deck - $16
  • Park Ride Lot C - $10
  • International Park Ride - $14
  • International Hourly - $36

ATL Airport Parking - Domestic Terminal

Short-Term (Hourly Parking)

Each of the South and North domestic terminals have their dedicated parking which makes the drop-offs and pick-ups easier.

  • $3/hour - 1st and 2nd hour
  • $4/hour - 3rd to 6th hour
  • $36/day - post 6 hours and $36/day for the next days

The cost of the lost ticket will be the maximum daily rate in addition to the number of days the vehicle has stayed in the parking.

Atlanta Airport Daily Parking Rates

You can avail this covered 4-level car parking which is connected by each terminal at the ATL airport.

  • $3/hour
  • $19/day

Economy Parking

The economy parking is for the lesser price for the daily parking. The parking decks of the economy are placed next to the north and south.

  • $3/hour
  • $14/day maximum

ATL West Parking

Location: 4199 Skytrain Way, College Park, GA 30337

  • $3/hour - 1st to 3rd hour
  • $16/day - post 3 hours
  • $16/day - consecutive days

ATL Select Parking

Location: 1800 Sullivan Rd. College Park, GA 30337
Covered Uncovered Oversized Vehicles
$3/hour - 1st to 4th hour $3/hour - 1st to 3rd hour $6/hour - 1st to 4th hour
$14/day - post 4 hours $10/day - post 3 hours $28/day - post 4 hours

ATL Airport Parking - International Terminal

International Hourly Parking

This parking area is near the check-in and arrivals zone. It has parking space for around 1,100 vehicles.

  • $3/hour - 1st and 2nd hour
  • $4/hour - 3rd to 6th hour
  • $36/day - post 6 hours
  • $36/day - consecutive days

International Park Ride

This parking space is located at Maynard H. Jackson, Jr Boulevard and it has parking space for around 2,500 vehicles. The passengers have to take a shuttle for a 3-minute ride to the check-ins and pick-up service is available in the same route. The shuttle service is free and available 24 hours.

  • $3/hour
  • $14/day

PLEASE NOTE: The lost ticket fee for all the above mentioned parking areas is the maximum duration of the stay plus the maximum rate per day of that parking area.

Atlanta Airport Parking Programs Information

The online reservations for parking area are available for International Hourly, International Park & Ride and ATL West Deck.

  • The passengers can avail the online reservations 24 hours prior to using the parking space.
  • Credit cards used for the transaction of the parking area has to be used at the entry and exit checkpoints.

Gold Reserve Parking Atlanta Airport

If you don’t need to face the hassle of the parking and you’re a frequent traveler then avail this membership to use the special dedicated parking area without waiting in line.

The Gold Reserve parking lot is covered to save the vehicles from the various elements.

An advancement payment of $200 has to be made to set up the account. The parking transponder fee is around $25 or $40.

For payment purposes, you can use Visa, Amex, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards.

This parking program is recommended for travelers who have to park overnight and use parking for at least 12 days in a single year.

Gold Reserve Parking Fees:

  • $3/hour
  • $34/day

Atlanta Airport EV Charging Stations In Parking

In the whole Airport campus, the authorities have installed around 275 electric vehicle charging stations.

Locations of the different EV charging stations:

  • North and South Domestic Terminal Daily lots
  • South Employee lot
  • International Terminal Hourly deck
  • International Terminal Park-Ride lot
  • ATL Technical Support Campus
  • Maintenance Building No. 1
  • ATL West Parking Deck
  • ATL Park Ride Select

Long Term Atlanta Airport (ATL) Parking

Garage Rates/Day
ATL Airport North and South Hourly Parking $36/Day
ATL Airport Daily Parking Covered Deck $19/Day
ATL Airport Economy Lots $14/Day
ATL West Deck Parking $16/Day
Park Ride Lot C $10/Day
ATL Select Uncovered $10/Day
ATL Select Covered $14/Day
ATL Select Oversized $28/Day
ATL International Hourly $36/Day
ATL International Park Ride (Covered Deck) $14/Day
Way uncovered parking $4.95/Day
Way covered parking $11.49/Day
Way valet parking $5/Day

*Note: These rates are subject to change by Atlanta Airport authorities.

Hartsfield Jackson Airport Parking Map

Click to see large view Atlanta Airport Parking Map

Atlanta Airport Parking FAQs

How much does parking cost at the Atlanta airport?

Atlanta airport Parking in the Economy lot costs you $3/hr but if yu park for a day then Economy parking lot charges you a maximum of $14/day.

Atlanta Airport short-term parking lot charges $3/hr and the will rate increases by $4/hr when you do parking for 3-6/hr so in this case the Hourly parking lot at Atlanta Airport is the most expensive for long-term parking as it charges you $36/day.

The Daily Parking lot at Atlanta Airport offers covered parking at $3/hr. Using the Daily Parking lot will cost $19 for long-term parking.

  • Hourly - $3
  • Economy - $14
  • ATL West Deck - $16
  • Park Ride Lot C - $10
  • International Park Ride - $14
  • International Hourly - $36

What's the cheapest parking at the Atlanta airport?

For the cheapest parking rates at ATL airport, you can avail parking at Park Ride Lots A and C. The price is set at $3 for an hour and $10 per day. The parking is located around South and North Terminals and shuttle service is also available.

How much is long term parking at Atlanta airport?

For long-term parking at Atlanta airport, the parking lots can charge you from $14-$36 per day. The price range depends upon the domestic and international terminal parkings.

Where can I park my car at Atlanta airport for 1 month?

The Park Ride, Daily Lot and Economy Parking areas will provide you the space to park safely for 1 month or more.

How much is Uber to Atlanta Airport?

The taxi fare for Uber from and to Atlanta Airport can cost you around $35 from downtown Atlanta and midtown Atlanta. For Buckhead to Atlanta Airport, it can cost you a fare around $45.

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